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22 July 2020 @ 03:30 pm
Welcome to aiscreamu ! A community that focuses on translating Hey! Say! JUMP (mostly Takaki Yuya /whistles) articles. This community is run by manatsubi


☆Permission AND credit for re-translating to another language and other is required. PM me if you want to use them :)
☆Comments = ♥. Not required, but appreciated!
☆Feedback and suggestions are always welcome!

Thanks, and enjoy! :D
22 September 2012 @ 03:13 pm
I translated Yuya's recent JUMpaper!
He whines that summer is over, gets embarrassed because of exchanging diaries with Chinen, and scolds Tanaka Juri xD

Read more...Collapse )

I AM SO SORRY FOR THE LACK OF MAGAZINE TRANSLATIONS. I never have the time to do it orz ;;
15 July 2012 @ 11:38 pm

It was Yuya's turn to do today's JUMPaper and I have translated it! 
He talks about the tour, Sprout, Bakaleya (and gives some spoilers!!!), what he's been cooking recently and more!
It's a very very fun JUMPaper ♥

JUMPaper - Takaki Yuya [12.07.15]Collapse )

He actually posted a photo of the beach (again yes) but as always, Jweb doesn't allow the picture to go outside the phone so sorry D:
13 July 2012 @ 10:31 pm
Because it's summer break in a few days, I'll try to be active in translating again! I also promise to do articles of other members this time :)

Duet 8/12 - Takaki YuyaCollapse )

Scans from comedywong.
More translations to come in the weekend! :D
06 June 2012 @ 06:10 pm
Hello! I have been busy as a student and so the reason why I haven't been posting at all, but anyways I have translated BEST's new song and my most favorite song from the whole album Snap!
It's my first time translating lyrics and showing it to the public, and if you didn't know it's quite different than just translating articles, so if you think there were better ways to translate the lyrics, don't hesitate to tell! :D

Romaji and kanji taken from fietha
目の前にある景色と 君を強く胸に焼き付けたCollapse )
31 March 2012 @ 11:15 am
Almost a week after but two more translations for Yuya's birthday ♥

In wink up, Yuya answers 35 questions about being an adult. And in POTATO he talks about JUMP, who among the members he thinks is amazing and his recent events. Enjoy~

wink up 4/12 - Takaki YuyaCollapse )

POTATO 4/12 - Takaki YuyaCollapse )

One more to come and then I'll be finished with the celebration :D
27 March 2012 @ 09:39 pm
Another article as part of Yuya's birthday celebration!
I did extra work in including the exact emojis and all so it was pretty exhausting xD
Enjoy! I bet you will 8Db

Myojo 04/12 - JUMP love mailCollapse )

Lmao didn't expect the emojis to be this huge-- sorry!
Expect a few more translations to come~ ♥
20 March 2012 @ 05:12 pm
As a part of Yuya's birthday celebration, here are the two recent JUMPapers posted by Yuya! He is happy, cheerful and goofy as always xD

01.08.12Collapse )03.14.12Collapse )

There are more translations to come for the birthday celebration so look forward to it~
This article was from POTATO almost two months ago. Sorry I couldn't get it done earlier ;A; Here you go~

POTATO 02/12 - Jyaka Jyaka JUMP (Yuya x Inoo crosstalk)Collapse )

And here's a small announcement:

Since March has a lot of birthday celebrants (Kikuchi Fuma it's his birthday today!!!1!1!, Nakajima Kento, Yuya, myself, Marius Yo) I'll be accepting requests for translations!
  • I can only accept 5 people.  Sorry ;A;
  • Magazine articles only! They can be solo interviews, crosstalks, rare old articles, etc...
  • I'll be accepting the articles of the people stated above. I'll be making it special and will include Sexy Zone~ :D
  • Please comment with a scan of the article (it'd be really really helpful if it's not too LQ-- I'd have to deny your request if that's the case)
I'll try to get them done by the end of March :D Please don't be shy to request~
28 January 2012 @ 11:48 am
Hi everyone! I was busy with entrance exams (I passed!!) and my computer crashed so I couldn't use the computer much. Anyways here is Yuya's recent POTATO article. He talks about (!@#$)'s "friend request" and cotton candy.

I had to put a lot of T/N's this time. Hope you don't mind. Enjoy!

POTATO 02/12 - Takaki YuyaCollapse )

Scans by tomo_roses